Legal CRM for law professionals


Okay, so you are a legal practitioner and may have your own law firm as well! You have an impressive track record and have earned respect amongst peers and your clients! Clients, did you say? Legal business is all about customers, right? Wherever there are customers, CRM is the answer!

Read on to learn more about the key features of Legal CRM….

Today, competition is stiff. Gone are the days when customers would line up to their family lawyers, gazing in wonder at them as their saviors. Customers today are smart and well-informed. You may also be dealing with corporates who like to see all services in order. Technologically comes to your aid, in the form of Legal CRM, wherein you can manage your customer information, right from the first contact to case closure, at the click of a button.

Decode Legal CRM meaning

Legal CRM in simplest terms is an integrated system that stores all customer records, legal case studies, documents and the like in a central server, which can be cloud based or private, with quick and easy retrieval, querying and reporting. If you have a firm with multiple employees, accountants, legal attendants and lawyers, the central system translates into a single unified platform to be accessed by all stakeholders. In fact, the new mobile variants let all of them access the data while they are on-the-go!

Here are some of the benefits of Legal CRM:

Free from lugging heavy folders

Say goodbye to thick dockets of papers, prone to misplacement. Legal CRM can help you maintain all your legal documents for each case and client in ready-access. The database is readily available to you across the company in real-time, whenever you need to pull out a relevant doc.

Workflows smoothly!

Your cases can be tracked across their entire lifecycles with CRM. You can define a workflow and the system will track the same. You can also benefit from alerts and distribution of actions in the various stages and then automated follow-up of the actions. So your employees (and you) waste less time on clerical jobs that are best handled by software intelligence. The increase in productivity and higher motivation levels can, of course, go into better customer management and higher billing for you!

It’s your accountant!

Finances are best-respected if they flow smoothly, don’t they? Well, Legal CRM software normally has a major component that takes care of tracking of your customer billing, invoicing and accounting. An automated process can track and calculate billable hours and even send invoices via emails or other communication mediums to your customers. The payments are tracked and mapped against the invoices and you get a ready snapshot summarization report on your dashboard!


Your CRM software solution will seamless interwork with other applications like the company’s official emailing system and the calendar for giving you a single view to manage. The auto emails, reminders, alerts, and time management, keeping track of your appointments and scheduling the various activities are all now possible with a few clicks! How is that for efficiency?

Go for them

Today attorneys and law firms can no longer sit back and let customers come to them. Aggressive marketing and reaching out to your leads is part of modern growth strategy. A CRM tool can help you achieve this objective with control on cost and time. Targeting marketing campaigns, with the help of digitized marketing tools, lets you unleash the power of social media.

Attrition? No problem!

Having a CRM solution onboard will obviously reduce the human errors in client data. When your favorite lawyer gets poached by competition, it won’t take the incumbent to undergo exhaustive training to pick up the threads. CRM will have ready data to refer to.

Allow ‘them’ to see too!

You can even create access profiles and allow some of your clients to view, submit their information directly into your system, saving precious time in manually procuring and collating the same. All in all a Legal CRM shall help in smoother and open communication within your teams, with your clients and even partners – all being your key cornerstones.


Legal CRM thus will leave you to do what you are best at – legal expertise! It will make your hectic routine a little less tough, so you can concentrate on enhancing your productivity.