CRM software selection

CRM software came into existence with the sole motive of maintaining a robust customer database, but now, its usage surpasses beyond maintaining customer relationships. Today, CRM software selection tools have evolved from a basic contact management system into a resilient tool that manages sales, marketing, POS, accounting, vendor, as well as other operational activities all within one effortlessly simple solution.

CRM Software Selection

In simple words, the right CRM software selection helps in growing your business by boosting sales and maintaining a healthy loyal customer database. However, before implementation, it is imperative to select the perfect CRM software selection tool that is meant for your business niche and needs. The selection process involves a series of steps and missing out on one single step could cost you with dissatisfied customers and hence, loss of credibility in the long run. Here is an example of an established and leading automobile company who successfully turned tables by selecting the right CRM:

Mercedes-Benz CRM integration

One of the world’s leading premium brands for automobiles, Mercedes-Benz is highly regarded for technical excellence and innovative designs. Daimler Chrysler UK was the only distributor that owned 3 dealerships among the 138 autonomous dealerships of Mercedes-Benz worldwide.

Problem: Daimler Chrysler had very little command over customer-dealer relationships, and let the dealer take complete control of DBMS, customer acquisition, and retention processes. However, in the late 1990’s things turned ugly when Daimler Chrysler had to come in terms of unimaginable challenge; the prestigious brand had to deal with a not up to the mark customer service accusation. Some customers complained that although they were impressed with the technical aspects, there was an inconsistency between the promises made and services received.

Selection: Daimler Chrysler implemented a new distribution model that entailed re-organizing the whole market into 35 new geographical areas and invited many of the existing dealerships to enter into the new agreements with the retailer. DC also formed a new project management team that included experienced managers from the existing marketing and operations teams. This team’s sole motive was to identify key CRM processes and decipher how they can implement the same in the new structure. This also required a detailed examination of the minutest aspects of customer relationships, market areas, and, of course, Daimler Chrysler UK itself.

Implementation: With the newly set process, every aspect of customer service from prospects to the dealer was set against a channel strategy for every step. As a result, customers received the relevant message only via appropriate channel partners during the ownership cycle. CRM software selection best practice workshops were set up for the senior management teams as well as Directors of marketing teams for creating awareness and advantages of CRM as well as educate them on how to implement CRM successfully into business operations.

Result: The initial results of CRM implementation have been quite overwhelming. Customers gave a positive feedback on service quality measures just two years after the implementation. Mercedes-Benz, true to the prestigious brand image, also solved this problem efficiently by selecting the right CRM tools and perfectly integrating them into the operations. They are a true example setter of how they sailed safely to the shores after testing deep waters just by proper CRM software selection.