PayPal CRM Integration

CRM is all about customers, right? What is the aim of a business when its leaders decide to adopt CRM? To have a customer centric focus and even perhaps build the entire business ethos and strategies around the customer, of course! Keeping the customer experience pleasant leads to a happy customer base, doesn’t it?

Now imagine a scenario wherein your customer is very happy with your product and service, and places orders with you. When it comes to the actual payment, your company finds it hard to give him the similar level of service and smoothness of operation. What could be the problems?

  • Generating an invoice is a cumbersome task for your accounts department, as they need to collate info from across the company and their workload often increase during heavy pay peak times.

  • Sending a delayed invoice may send wrong messages to your customer about a lack of professionalism at your end. He/she may get an idea that delay is an acceptable norm. Thereby, you may not get the payments as soon as you would have liked.

  • Tracking the non-payments becomes a cumbersome task for your team and leads to wasted efforts in sorting, sending repeated reminders to the customers and constant follow-up.

  • Collecting and consolidating the received payments into your accounts and updating the details of the same in your CRM system becomes an additional overhead, prone to human errors.

Is it not possible to extend the capabilities of CRM to enhance the billing and payment process as well?

Of course, it is! When your CRM comes in active conjugation with a reliable and safe payment channel that is completely online, all the problems mentioned above would be hassles of the past! One such solution that is making impressive inroads amongst enterprises is the PayPal CRM Integration.

Online payments are increasing at a rate that is 5x faster than traditional card-present transactions.

Why PayPal?

PayPal is a trusted name today that resonates well with your customers. It is a fast, safe, reliable online payment gateway that has found favor with over 150 million active registered accounts across 203 markets spread over 100 currencies. PayPal has approximately 67% of the global online payment gateway share.

What are the benefits of PayPal CRM Integration?

All the pain points that are listed above … and more!

Global it is!

It allows you to extend your customer payments all over the globe without additional botherations about security breaches and gives your customers and better payment UX experience.

Timely invoice generation from within the CRM

The built-in capabilities of your CRM PayPal Integration system help generate timely and professional looking invoices.

Instant payments and auto updates to CRM

Automation and online system enable the customer to pay the raised invoices conveniently and do away the time consuming and frustrating payment confirmation delays. This means that the customer will get the service he/she paid for up and running sooner since the payment was cleared quickly. This goes a long way into forging good relationships and building trust.

At the same time, each payment can be directly fed into the underlying CRM, without delay or major manual intervention, keeping related databases up-to-date.

Automatic emails and repeated reminders

The system will generate repeated automatic email and other channel reminders for due and delayed payments to the customers. This saves time and leads to higher chances of getting pending payments cleared in lesser time.

On-the-go ready status

Your core business functions such as sales, marketing, finance, service agents and even business leaders will be able to see the payment status of a deal/customer right in the CRM. This can be crucial for a business head, for example, to track the same via a ready dashboard, available on-the-go or during an important board meeting, even on their personal mobiles, the advantage of the PayPal CRM Integration!

Frequent payments and easy renewals

Pay-per-use and subscription types of services often require regular repayments that are quite cumbersome when handled via cheques or another mode of payments. The PayPal CRM Integration solution allows you to collect payments on each renewal automatically without sending reminders and thus reduces follow-ups.

Credit card Payment

It is easier for customers to make online purchases on their credit card using PayPal, even allowing them to pay in installments, thereby increasing chances of higher purchases and more sales for you!

Automated workflows

The system allows you to create customer and purchase workflows that can make tracking the payments via the entire purchase cycle for each customer a smooth and streamlined process.

PayPal CRM Integration is a critical priority for any organization surely! One such solution that is trending is the PayPal and SuiteCRM Integration offered by SuiteCRM Partner. Whether it is a small or medium sized business, and even large enterprises, a smooth payment will surely go a long way into customer retention and thereby increase your sales. In fact, the two are complementary software services and naturally inclined to support each other!