You make departments as core groups the support the overall business focus of your company, right? The need for these various divisions to work in unison cannot be emphasized enough. Today, when the competitions are getting tougher, customer centricity is crucial for a business, isn’t it? You must have implemented CRM Chat Tool Integration solutions keeping this principle in mind.

At the same time, you may have launched live chatting channel to support your customers in real-time for better engagement with them. Statistical studies reveal that live chat has highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, as compared to any other customer service channel.

Have you considered how both the seemingly separate focus areas have the customer in common? If the two could be integrated into one seamless experience, imagine the power that would be unleashed!

This is exactly what the CRM Chat Tool Integration envisions. According to the Customer 2020 Report, by the year 2020, the main differentiator for a business and brand will be customer experience ahead of price and product quality. A personalized experience and high expectations of a brand to know the individual tastes will be the game changer. CRM Chat Tool Integration is a step towards this direction of the future!

Chat Tool Integration – The symbiotic synergy

When you combine live chat tool with the CRM in your company, it creates a seamless framework that connects sales agents and customer service agents onto a single customer-centric platform.

You can now use new customer contact and possible leads from live chats directly fed into your CRM system. Wouldn’t that be great for your sales agents?

Customer service agents can directly save valuable chat transcripts and chat logs into the CRM, that can help understand the customer better by anyone in the company who needs to access that information along with other customer data.

It goes either ways

That was about how live chat augments CRM data. Is this a one-way benefit?

Definitely not! When a chat agent is engaged in a live chat with a customer, he/she can get access to the entire customer history from the CRM, on their screens in ready-to-refer-to snapshots. This helps them service their customer’s better, address their concerns to better satisfaction levels.

At the same time, it is a great opportunity to cross-sell and upsell at this point as well.

Happy customers spread the good word!

With greater visibility about the customer’s preferences and past engagements, the operator feels equipped to be able to connect more personally to the customer, thereby increasing overall customer experience. Likewise, the sales folks will also find their engagements with customers on the field better, when they know on-the-go what transpired during the last live chat with them.

After all, it’s the customers who help to spread word-of-mouth publicity and good words about your business. Happier customers will definitely make purchases and help bring in more clients as well.

News from the ground

The advantages of CRM automatically encompass the live chat data in their ambit! So now any business decisions or goals that the leadership takes based on customer strategy will include the direct feedback and valuable information from the actual ground – the live chats!

More traffic volumes

Whether it is a small, medium or large size business, having a website support for a live chat that pops up offering the visitor a friendly support is welcome, only if the nameless operator at the other end seems to know any prior dealings that the visitor had with you. Otherwise, the visitor will quickly turn away, probably to a competitor. This means lower abandonment cart rates and better closure of online sales and orders.

And then, some more

It also helps to escalate and resolve customer raised issues faster, as they can be tracked quickly and sent across to all stakeholders via the company-wide CRM access points.

Agents can support concurrent chat sessions with increased accuracy and quality.

The whole streamlining does away with precious effort wasted in getting the important data across to various people in the company. Availability of ready data thereby improves efficiency and brings down operational costs incurred by your enterprise.

Summing it up

The integration of CRM and live chat is a coming together of sorts, a strong knot that ties loose ends together, like two estranged brothers destined to be together!

Some of the best tools are available that can make this possible in a seamless and hassle-free way for you. SuiteCRM Chat Tool Integration with Chat Tool is a cost-effective successful open source Live Chat Helper – a system that is giving a competitive edge to all its customers across the globe, increasing average order values and strengthen relationships with the clients. This has paved the way for better customer loyalty and better retention, an increase in conversion rates and proves to be an important factor for enhanced revenue generation.